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Dog-Friendly Apartments for Rent in San Diego

Collie at the Beach

It’s no secret that San Diegans adore their dogs. With close proximity to the beaches, mountains, trails, and parks, San Diego is the perfect county for dog-friendly living. Walk along a major street in San Diego County and you’ll see countless water bowls outside businesses, doggy bakeries, dog-friendly restaurants, and plenty of outdoor park areas for your furry friends.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, playfulness, and unconditional affection, making them excellent roommates. However, not all rental apartments in San Diego are dog-friendly. Regardless of how well they’re trained, some landlords would just as soon rather avoid allowing them. However, Irvine Company apartments in San Diego are dog-friendly, many with on-site dog parks, dog wash areas, and plenty of grassy areas for dogs to roam.

French BulldogDog-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Carlsbad

Pacific View

Dog-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Carmel Valley

Torrey Hills
Torrey Ridge
Torrey Villas

Dog Wash at Westwood Apartments in San DiegoDog-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Downtown San Diego


Dog-Friendly Apartments for Rent in La Jolla

La Jolla Palms
Villas of Renaissance

Dog-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Mission Valley

Arcadia at StoneCrest Village
Del Rio
Monte Vista
The Village at Mission Valley

Before adopting any dog, make sure you and your dog will have easy access to the outdoors for walks, as well as to grassy areas. Be sure you have the time to dedicate to your dog, and of course, always be sure to clean up after your furry friend.

Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Here’s a list of dog breeds that tend to be most comfortable for modern apartment living.

Dog Park at Solazzo Apartments*Some dog breeds may not be allowed in certain apartment communities. Be sure to read the “Pet Policy” section under “Community Details” when viewing an apartment on our website for more info. Dog-friendly apartments are subject to availability.