Spring Cleaning Tips for your Apartment

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already began your spring cleaning. But regardless of the size of your home, cleaning can be a daunting task. Where do you even start? The dust is thick from the cold (cooler if you live in Southern California) winter, spaces have been neglected for months, and let’s not forget the little remnants from those winter colds. So with our microfiber cloths in hand, we gathered some tips from cleaning savvy blogger Jenn from Clean & Scentsible.

Where to Start 
Let’s be honest, very few people enjoy cleaning. Getting started is often the greatest hurdle of all. So we’ll follow any advice that could make spring cleaning a little easier (or faster). Jenn shares that everyone has different cleaning priorities, and figuring out yours is an excellent place to start. Jenn explains, “I think that it is always important to know how much time you have with cleaning and then come up with a realistic plan that you can actually accomplish during that time.” The last thing you want to see is an endless list of cleaning tasks you know you’ll never complete.

So outline your cleaning priorities, and create a manageable list. Jenn prefers to start in the bedrooms because in her home these are the rooms that get the least attention during the winter.

What to Use 
When it comes to cleaning hacks, tricks and successful products, Pinterest is your friend. In recent years, natural cleaning products have been a hit, and we can’t say we mind. Jenn is on board with this trend too. She shares, “I rarely use chemical cleaning products and clean almost exclusively with water, vinegar, and essential oils.” Note to self, pick up all of these next time we’re out.

But what if these don’t get the job done? Don’t worry, Jenn has an answer, “For the really dirty areas, steam is fabulous for cleaning and disinfecting quickly and easily without any chemicals.” She swears by her HomeRight steam cleaner, and she also says it DECREASES her CLEANING TIME. Sounds great to us.

How to Get it All Done

The biggest issue that can come from spring cleaning is getting off track and being left with a bigger mess than before. That is the last thing any of us need. Recognizing the repercussions of becoming overwhelmed, Jenn encourages, “It doesn’t all need to be done in a week – or even a month! Just prioritize what needs to be done and get started!”

Perhaps one of the best ways to spring clean is going through the process of a move. Just the thought of boxing up your belongs makes you want to downsize.

A special thanks to Jenn! We loved getting cleaning advice from an expert. Thanks for taking the time to share yours.

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