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Sustainable Apartment Living in California

Irvine Company’s commitment to stewardship began a half-century ago when we created a master plan for the city of Irvine, an all-new sustainable city on the historic Irvine Ranch property. Today, our sustainability promise spreads across every division within the company, including our many apartment communities across San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Northern California.

We manage the environmental impact of our communities through thoughtful planning and a multifaceted approach. Eco-friendly amenities, water and energy conservation, green waste recycling and efficient landscape planning and maintenance all play a part in our sustainability efforts.

Santa Clara Square

EV Charging Stations

A network of more than 2,000 EV charging ports can be found across our apartment communities and we are planning for more charging stations in the future. Irvine Company continuously monitors electric vehicle demand in an effort to accommodate our residents who drive electric cars.

Woman paying for electric vehicle charging station

Nest Thermostats Heating & Cooling

Smart technology in Irvine Company apartments may help residents reduce their summer electricity bills. Over 24,000 Nest thermostats have been installed across our apartment communities, resulting in the potential for significant savings. In addition to monetary savings, these thermostats have a positive environmental impact by encouraging energy conservation.

Nest Thermostat, Irvine Company Apartments

Landscaping & Irrigation

Thoughtfully selected landscaping is used throughout Irvine Company apartment communities to improve air quality and promote wellness for all residents. Our landscaping efforts also contribute to sustainability and conservancy through the use of water-wise practices and modifications. For instance, many of our irrigation controllers use a smart water management program with weather-sensing technology. This technology saves water by using real-time weather conditions to distribute water based on natural precipitation.

Crescent Village, San Jose

Tree Conservation

Irvine Company is proud of our community forestry program that consists of a half million trees planted and more than 260,000 trees that are under our management. We also aim to preserve the existing environment when developing new communities, including protecting large and mature specimen trees.

Villas Fashion Island, TreeAt Villas Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA, one large specimen ficus tree and several palm trees that were living on the site were preserved during development.

Irvine Company Apartment Communities developed an in-house tree management and inventory system that not only allows us to manage our vast network of trees but also shows the eco-benefits of the trees on each property. The database utilizes the i-tree algorithm, a state-of-the-art software sponsored by the USDA Forest Service. This tool can track Co2 sequestered, oxygen produced, air pollutants saved and water retained at each apartment community.

Santa Clara Square
At Santa Clara Square several redwoods and olive trees were carefully preserved during development.

Food Waste Recycling Program

Irvine Company supports the statewide food composting initiative and efforts to reduce methane emissions by providing organic waste collection bins for residents at many of our communities. This initiative aims to help fight climate change and support healthy soil for farmlands. Furthermore, our waste management program results in more than 50% of waste diverted from landfills and more than 40,000 tons of green waste recycled annually.

150 Years of Sustainable Commitment 

More than 150 years after its founding, Irvine Company’s commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever. Initiatives range from installing eco-friendly amenities and “smart” irrigation controllers to preserving 57,500 acres of open space for public use. Our long-term approach to planning ensures that our communities are centered around conservation, efficiency and wellness.