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Easy DIY Apartment Organizing Tips

By August 27, 2021August 31st, 2021Apartment Living Hacks
Apartment Organizing

For many people, the amount of “stuff” they accumulate is often difficult to squeeze into a studio, one-, two, or even three-bedroom apartment home. Storage can be minimal and there just aren’t enough places to put things.

With apartment living, you must be conscious of installing shelving or any other modifications that may be prohibited by your landlord or are in violation of the terms of your lease. So we’ve put together some budget-friendly apartment organization tips that don’t require nailing anything down or hammering into the walls.

Stackable BinsStackable Bins

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment with a pantry, organizing bins are the way to go. Categorize your food by “seasonings,” “cereal,” “crackers,” “soups,” etc. These shoebox-sized plastic bins are great as they’re transparent so you can easily glance at their contents. You can also use them in closets for crafting supplies, tools, toys, makeup, and much more. They stack well and can be labeled with an oil-based Sharpie marker which wipes off with an erasing sponge.

Under the Bed Storage

One way to hide the clutter is to store it under the bed. And under-the-bed storage is a great way to maximize this often underutilized space. Whether it’s a larger master bedroom or a small studio, this hidden gem is a great place to put stuff you don’t use too often. Our favorite? These under-the-bed storage bins! With wheels for easy accessibility, grab what you need then roll the bin back under the bed! If your bed doesn’t have legs or is too close to the floor to allow for storage, you can easily buy affordable, $8 bed risers to give your bed the lift (and storage space!) you need.

For a more chic look, you can also buy woven baskets or Farmhouse Under Bed Boxes with lids for storing everything from extra towels to winter sweaters, linens, and more.

More Organizing Ideas

Walk-in closet - Irvine Company ApartmentsCloset Organizing Ideas

Your closet can sometimes become the black hole of forgotten stuff. Rarely do we go through and purge – so we just keep accumulating – making closets a catch-all for clothing, shoes, handbags, and more. Here are some ways to maximize your closet space to make sure everything has a place:

  1. Hooks: Organize hats, bags, and necklaces by installing neat rows of hooks. However, if you’re renting an apartment, make sure you’re not drilling holes into the walls and instead, use tacky hooks that will stick to any space. You can also buy stick-on heavy-duty hooks to hang heavier items.
  2. Shoe Racks: Organize your shoes by color or activity so you can quickly grab and go. Extra space-saving tip… this over-the-door shoe rack is under $10!
  3. Space-saving hangers: Take back more space in your closet to maximize the organizational power and transform your closet into a clutter-free haven you can be proud of.

Hallway Organizing Tips

When you get home from a long day, it’s often tempting to just drop everything and run to the nearest couch. However, there should always be a place for your keys, wallet, purse, shoes, sunglasses… and other must-have accessories you use when you come and go.

For style and function, store everything from purses and gloves to shoes in a cubby bench for easy storage – which also doubles as a place to sit when putting on, or taking off your shoes! Or, if you want to organize your growing shoe collection in longer-lasting furniture and you don’t mind spending a little more, this apartment-friendly entryway coat rack with shoe storage bench is an aesthetically pleasing smart-storage solution.

And finally, our top tip of the day is PURGE! Tackle your apartment room by room. Give yourself some guiding rules – like, if you haven’t used an item or worn a piece of clothing in a year, consider gifting it to charity. In fact, Vietnam Veterans of America will actually come by and pick up your donations. Just schedule a pick-up time on their website.

Take time to go through your closets, drawers, and cabinets to see what you’re willing to part with. You’ll realize it’s more than you think. Organize the remaining items in special storage bins that can slide under your bed or fit in your closets or linen cupboards. Looking for more? Check out more of our storage tips. Looking for an apartment in California with extra storage space?

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