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5 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Apartment Security Deposit Back

By April 16, 2018June 28th, 2022Apartment Living Hacks, Moving
How to get your apartment security deposit back

As if packing up your entire apartment isn’t hard enough, you also have to leave your apartment empty and unharmed. And chances are you’re running on limited time to get it all done. But if you want to get a portion of your security deposit back, and you do, giving your apartment an extra scrub is a must.

There are simple things to remember like cleaning the fridge, or vacuuming the floors, but what about the other stuff? We compiled a quick list of tasks that are often forgotten when renters move out. Get these done, and you may score extra digits on your well-earned security deposit check.

Before you do anything, read your lease! It will often indicate any move-out protocols, checklists, inspections, and other requirements if needed.

Move-Out Checklist

Clean your dishwasher
Most people remember the fridge and oven, but the dishwasher gets skipped. If the dishwasher has been cleaned recently, remember to double-check for any silverware or dishes.

Remove stains from carpet (or try to)
Maybe you forgot to get that stain out after your 4th of July party last year or maybe you have no clue how it got there, but your carpet most likely has a stain or two. Try to rid the carpet of as many stains before you lock the doors.

Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
Your apartment may look clean at first glance, but don’t overlook those hard-to-reach places that often don’t get cleaned. Think: the top of the fridge. Ceiling gans and light fixtures… be sure they all get a good wipe-down.

Empty out neglected spaces
Closets, hidden cabinets, the top shelf you can’t even reach, they all must be emptied. Remove everything from them the first time you think to do it. It could be the last time the thought crosses your overwhelmed mind.

Return items to their initial locations
If you took anything down or changed anything from the apartment’s original state, be sure to put it back exactly the way you found it.

Moving Out of Apartment
At the very least, as you say your final goodbye to your apartment take a lap to make sure EVERYTHING
is out. You could get charged for even useful items you leave behind. So get it all out to avoid unnecessary fees. Look around your yard or outdoor space, and patio or balcony areas, too.

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