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Keep the Lights on for Santa: Tips for Protecting Your Apartment While Traveling for the Holidays

By November 26, 2019October 19th, 2020Apartment Living Hacks
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The holiday season is full of merry moments, endless festivities, and plenty of traveling. While you’re stuffing your carry on with as many gifts as you can, the last thing on your mind is the security of your wrapping paper-laden apartment.  With your apartment empty and the Grinch running rampant, you must take additional precautions to keep your home protected. 

Don’t post travel plans on social media

Although the road trip selfie of you and your sweater-wearing dog might get a lot of likes, it may attract the attention of robbers anxiously awaiting their next target. The truth is, most burglars either personally know their victims or have been monitoring them for several days, whether through social media or in-person. Even if your account is private, lean towards the cautious side and keep your travel plans on the down-low. 

Pretend like you’re at home

Thieves prefer to loot an empty home. So, pull the wool over their eyes by simulating a little life throughout your home while you’re away. This is where having smart home accessories can come handy. While you’re drinking eggnog with your cousins, you can use your phone to turn on lights, play music, and have Roomba tidy up the apartment. However, smart home accessories aren’t your style; you can DIY with a few programmable outlets with automatic timers to turn a few lights on and off throughout the day. 

Lock every possible access point 

Surprisingly, most burglars gain entry through a window or door that is left unlocked. Make sure all doors, windows, and storage closets are securely locked before you head out to your holiday destination. While this may seem like a small task, it will give you peace of mind and act as another barrier against potential crooks.

Always have renter’s insurance

If you haven’t already, invest in a quality renter’s insurance policy. You’ll want to guarantee that your plan not only covers valuable possessions such as electronics, appliances, clothing, family heirlooms, and jewelry. However, in the event of theft, you’ll also want to make sure the cost of property damage like shattered windows and broken doors are covered as well.

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