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Have it All in Irvine with Tech-Connected, Ultra-High-Speed Internet

By June 17, 2020July 20th, 2020Work Life Balance
Irvine Company Google Fiber

With the work-from-home culture gaining more and more momentum, many people are seeking the ultra-high-speed internet they enjoy at their office. And the good news is, you can find apartments in Irvine with fiber optic internet, which uses cables made of thin glass or plastic fibers to transfer data as light signals. This type of internet connection can support faster speeds compared to DSL and cable internet services.

When you have gigabit uploads, you don’t have to worry about being the person who’s always “cutting out” of the meeting and then apologizing for your internet quality. Your internet should be work-worthy—even if your office is your couch. With leading-edge WiFi technology that provides faster speeds and expanded coverage, seamlessly connect to all your devices and experience an unmatched in-home experience. You can watch everything over the internet, including live TV. And over a gig, you can forget about buffering, just endless streaming.

At Irvine Company Apartment Communities, many of the apartments in Irvine are outfitted with ultra-high-speed internet by Google Fiber, Cox Gigablast, Xfinity, AT&T Fiber, Spectrum, and/or Frontier.

Apartments with Google Fiber

Have It All At Home

Irvine Company’s tech-connected homes combine high-speed fiber and integrated USB outlets with spacious, light-filled living spaces. With business lounges onsite for workday optionality, there’s no better place to work from home.

Apartments in Irvine with Fiber

The technology enhancements are part of Irvine Company’s ongoing commitment to making home a place where the good life gets even better. Experience the convenience of a tech-forward, future-proofed community where residents have it all, right at home.