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First Apartment: 7 Things You Need for Your First Place

Best Apartment Gadgets

Moving out and getting your first apartment is a nerve-wracking but thrilling time. You have to plan where you want to move, then you have to budget for it, and the list goes on and on. There are an endless number of products, furniture, etc., that you could purchase for your new home, but how many of those things do you actually need? We’ve compiled a list of seven you really shouldn’t go without below.

Our Top Seven

1.    Extension Cords

You can’t control where the outlets are in your apartment so be prepared with a couple of extension cords to be able to put your TV or lamp exactly where you want it not where it has an outlet.

**If you’re plugging an electronic in to the plug (ie. a TV, Computer, etc.) be sure to geta surge protector, which should protect it from any electrical failures/surges.**

2.    First Aid Kit

A well-maintained first aid kit is a great thing to have in your home just in case of an emergency or just for a minor household mishap.

**Check out this great list of supplies if you’re not sure how to get your kit ready; you could also purchase a readymade kit as well.**

3.    Knife Block

Having a knife block makes storing knives much easier in your home and safer than placing them all in a drawer where someone could accidentally hurt themselves while searching for something else.

4.    Can Opener and Bottle Opener

A bottle and can opener are the two of the greatest inventions that young adults need in their kitchens; imagine having a party or small get-together without one…!

5.    A Bed Frame

Don’t be the person who just tosses their mattress on the floor and calls it a day. Even just putting your mattress up on a simple box and frame will make your new bedroom look that much more put together and grown up.

Aside from the aesthetics of having your mattress on the floor there are hygienic reasons why you shouldn’t like bugs, dirt, germs, waking up to your dog’s face, and more.

6.    Desk and Comfortable Chair

You won’t realize how much you actually need a desk and a comfortable desk chair until you’re looking around your apartment for somewhere to sit while you’re paying bills. – Oh yeah, if this is your first time living on your own, enjoy your new added responsibility of utility bills.

7.    Snacks and Treats

This sounds like commonsense but in the middle of a move it’s easy to forget . . buy some fruits, cereal, peanut butter, water, etc., to stock up your refrigerator and pantry – so when you have a craving for a midnight snack your kitchen will already be prepared.

If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment home, check out our Apartment Communities.