Where to Take Kids Trick or Treating on Halloween in Orange County

Halloween in Orange County


It’s hard to believe but it’s already October! It’s time to start thinking about the fall and winter holidays – so first up is Halloween. It is one of those holidays that can make you feel like a child again, especially if you’re going to be dressing up your kids and wandering from house to house in search of the best candy!

Something I’ve noticed over the years since I was a kid is that fewer and fewer parents are taking their kids around the block to Trick or Treat and are instead taking them to destinations such as: Shopping Plazas, Parties, and more.

With that said, where can you take your kids this Halloween that they will not only enjoy but also be safe you ask? Here are some of our top picks to take your little sailor or princess this Halloween:

Main Street Halloween Fest (Huntington Beach, CA)

This annual Halloween event in the heart of Downtown Huntington Beach is for children of all ages. Bring your kids out in their best costumes and partake in festive activities such as: Pumpkin Carving, Costume Contests, a Petting Zoo, and more!


Trick-Or-Treat Through the City (Pretend City – Irvine, CA)

Your son and/or daughter can come to Pretend City in Irvine dressed in their ghoulish costumes and wander the “streets” of this pretend city for candy and treats.


Halloween Time at Disneyland (Anaheim, CA)

If you really want to make an afternoon and night out of Halloween, why not go to Disneyland? Your kids can wander around the Park wearing their best costumes from Halloween Town to the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy ride, and more.


Boo Bash at Laguna Hills Mall (Laguna Hills, CA)

The mall isn’t somewhere most would think to spend Halloween night, but over the years the mall option has become increasingly popular among many parents. It is “safer” in the sense that your kids won’t be wandering around a dark street at night and running the risk of a driver not seeing them and it’s also “safer” in the sense that a store owner is more likely to give you untainted candy. For these reasons, more parents are opting for a night at the mall for Trick or Treating.


The great thing about going on a destination Halloween is you (as a parent) can go shopping while your little ghoul/monster gets candy at the same time! This Halloween, get out there and take your kids somewhere new instead of that same neighborhood trek for the same candy.


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