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What is a Furnished Apartment and Should You Rent One?

By January 12, 2018April 26th, 2021Apartment Hunting

Furnished apartments offer short-term housing solutions that can be more advantageous than those offered by hotels, motels and vacation rentals. Furnished apartments provide the space, comfort, privacy and independence of traditional rental housing along with such basic household items as beds, sofas, chairs, tables — and, in many cases, even TVs and kitchenware — but at a much lower cost than hotel and motel rooms that are usually a fraction of the size. Leases are often month-to-month, and may even cover some major utilities.

So, who are some of the best candidates to rent furnished apartments? Here are six types of people who can benefit from this housing option:

  1. Corporate Transferees
    Business executives whose companies transfer them to distant cities often need comfortable, short-term housing for themselves and their families while they look for permanent accommodations. Because finding and buying a new house can often take months, first renting a furnished apartment allows business transferees and their families to comfortably acclimate themselves to their adopted communities before moving into their new homes.
  2. Business Travelers
    Some businesspeople travel to remote cities to manage or participate in company projects that can take weeks or even months to complete. When stays get lengthy, hotel/motel living can get old quickly. Furnished apartments allow business people who are away for extended periods to live with some sense of normalcy. Having access to full kitchens also allows them to better control their food and dining expenses, savings their companies usually appreciate!
  3. Families with Homes under Renovation
    Major home renovations can be long and costly, often taking many weeks. Living in a house undergoing renovation or remodeling can be uncomfortable, if not impossible. Furnished apartments offer peaceful, affordable, and comfortable alternatives for families dealing with the noise, debris, and general chaos of a major home improvement project.
  4. Families with Members Undergoing Medical Treatment
    Some medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or bone marrow transplants, can take weeks to complete. And people who live outside major metropolitan areas often must travel to distant cities to receive such life-saving procedures. Spouses or other family members who wish to support those undergoing treatment need comfortable long-term lodgings, and furnished apartments are often an affordable option.
  5. Undergraduate and Graduate-Level College Students
    At most American colleges and universities, only freshmen are required to live in on-campus dormitories. Older students are allowed to find their own off-campus accommodations. Furnished apartments, especially those near college campuses, are an attractive alternative to traditional student and “Greek system” housing, especially for students who value quiet and privacy.
  6. Seasonal or long-term travelers
    It may sound strange to some — given that the vacation of the average American worker is just over four days* — but there are workers, including most of the rest of the civilized world, whose long holidays make staying in a hotel cost-prohibitive. So whether you are on the trip of a lifetime, or a snowbird looking to ride out the winter season in a nicer climate, a furnished apartment could be a great option for you.

Furnished Apartments in California

Are you are looking for a furnished apartment in California? If so, we have some great resources you should check out. From homeowners looking to remodel to Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs or extended vacationers, whatever your needs, one of the companies below is sure to be able to find you a great furnished apartment for rent in the Golden State.