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How to Remove a Roommate From Your Lease

By September 24, 2019October 8th, 2019Moving
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Always remember that a lease is a legal agreement and when sharing that responsibility with a roommate, hopefully you both keep up your end of the bargain. However, things happen and for whatever the reasons, sometimes roommates don’t always work out. Whether it be personality differences or a life change that makes your roommate have to move, here are some tips to breaking up with your roommate. Please note that these are general tips and should not be misconstrued as legal advice. 

Have You Read Your Lease Agreement? Now’s the Time! 

Review your lease agreement before you make any quick decisions that include having your roommate move out. You and your roommate should each have your own copy of the lease, and in that agreement you will find what your options are should your roommate intend to leave. Be sure to speak with your manager or resident services office in case they require additional steps or paperwork to properly extricate your roommate from the lease. 

Best Protocol for Removing Your Roommate

Always, always check with your property manager, landlord or resident services office when you have a question about what options your lease provides for removing a roommate. You cannot force a roommate out of your apartment or remove their name from the lease simply because you want them to leave, and you should not contact your property manager or resident services office for personality differences and conflicts.

It’s less than desirable to be in this situation, but always check your state and local laws to see what your actual options are. You want to be sure to tackle your roommate issues without facing evictions or broken leases. Be sure to read your lease thoroughly, inform your landlord or resident services representative on any changes you’d like to make to your lease. 

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