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How to Baby Proof Your Apartment Home

By December 9, 2019December 10th, 2019Apartment Living Hacks
Baby Proofing Your Apartment

Before your bundle of joy came along, a power outlet was merely a place to charge your cellphone. But, now that your little one is crawling, power outlets are just another one of many potential hazards in your apartment. Baby-proofing an apartment can be overwhelming. Luckily, with this checklist, you can transition each room in your residence into a baby-friendly zone with ease.

Install Safety Locks in the Kitchen

Shiny pots, jingling silverware, and swinging cabinet doors appear to be the perfect playground in the eyes of curious toddlers. However, in reality, the kitchen is filled with hazards to their tiny hands. Start baby-proofing your apartment by installing safety locks on the cabinets and drawers to keep cleaning supplies and sharp objects behind closed doors. 

When you’re cooking on the stove, a hot cooktop is an obvious risk. But an idle stove still poses a threat to mischievous babies who love to snag anything within reach. If your stove’s knobs are located at the front of the range, remove the knobs and keep them safely tucked away so wandering hands can’t accidentally turn the burners on. However, if the stove knobs are not removable, knob covers are an excellent adult-friendly alternative to keep your kiddos safe.

Soften Sharp Corners

From end tables to coffee tables to bookshelves, sharp edges are everywhere. Before your baby becomes mobile, consider adding bumper guards along the edges of cabinets and furniture. You can even replace potentially dangerous furniture with tufted storage ottomans, which can double as a toy box. 

Cover Power Outlets

Perhaps the most dangerous hazard of all is right at a crawling toddler’s eye-level — electrical outlets. With six mesmerizing holes staring back at them, the urge is often to stick something into it. Take the time to safely baby proof each one with a protective plastic covering. Make sure to find them first because if you don’t, your little investigator may beat you to it.

Buy Baby Gates

Whether you live in a bi-level loft or a studio apartment, you’ll probably need a baby gate or two. You can section off “adult-only” areas, like stairs or the laundry room, with baby gates, preventing tiny trespassers from getting in harm’s way. Baby gates act as a great alternative to large playpens. Enclose a baby-proofed room using a gate and let your toddler roam freely. 

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