How to Baby Proof Your Apartment Home

Baby Proofing Your Apartment

Baby proofing an apartment can be overwhelming. Where do you start? With all the corners, stove tops and power outlets, it’s enough to make your already sleepless nights even worse. We’ve put together some quick tips on finding apartments that are baby-friendly as well as tips on baby proofing those sneaky danger zones.

How to Baby Proof the Kitchen

Kitchens are filled with potential catastrophes for babies. One of the most dangerous things for toddlers in the kitchen are stove knobs, particularly valves that are located along the front of the range When touring apartments, try to find stoves that are knob-free. However, you can always add on clear, plastic stove knob covers to your valves if they’re located in front of the stove range.

Do not leave things hanging off the counter. Is there a pan handle hanging over the kitchen stove? Make sure there’s nothing on the counter the baby can reach and pull.

All babies love to get into cabinets and drawers, which are typically filled with sharp kitchen tools and the dreaded Tide Pods. Be sure to lock reachable cabinets and drawers with child safety locks.

Sharp Corners

Modern apartments tend to have more sharp corners in them since designs follow angles. When looking at apartments, be aware of sharp corners and edges on cabinets, appliances, kitchen islands, and furniture pieces (if you’re looking at furnished apartments). The alternative is that you can always buy corner guards, which make for a great, temporary solution you can remove once your child is more stable on their feet.

Cover the Outlets!

The biggest problem with power outlets is that they tend to be right on a toddler’s level. The urge is often to stick an item into the outlet’s holes. Take the time to safely baby proof each one with a protective covering. Make sure to find them all because if you don’t, chances are your little investigator will.

Baby Gates

Got stairs? Then you’ll probably need a baby gate or two. Section off areas of your home you don’t want your baby/toddler to play in by using gates or playpens. As a parent, play pens and baby gates are amazing. You can set your child down in the play pen, if something happens where you need to secure your child. You can also put up baby gates around the apartment to keep certain areas (and stairs) off limits.

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