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Best Plants for Apartments

House Plants for Apartments

Whether you start over fresh or stay in the apartment you have, keeping your rooms clutter-free makes the most of your space. Keeping an apartment clutter-free can be a monster job of its own, but an easy way of preventing a pile from forming on the floor, on a table, or elsewhere is by filling the space with a clean and beneficial potted plant. Clutter can’t accumulate if there’s no room for it to begin with!

Plants are great because they can bring a room together and add that final touch of completeness to the décor. Beyond the aesthetic reasons, plants greatly improve the quality of air inside our homes by cycling through the CO2 and creating fresh oxygen. That said, there is nothing worse than purchasing a plant and watching it progressively turn brown over the weeks and ultimately die. To help you out, we’ve created a list of great indoor plants that are robust enough to last from this spring to next spring all the while purifying and de-stressing your home.

Snake plants do well in low light and humid areas of the home such as a bathroom. These plants are great because they cycle through air pollutants with little or no care and they have a fascinating shape, which makes them interesting focal points for any room.

Peperomia plants are hardy indoor plants with heart-shaped green leaves that prefer to be neglected rather than over cared for. If repotting is necessary, be sure to do so in the spring as that is the time of the year that they are in their sprouting phase and most adaptable to change.

Dracaena plants are smaller in scope and shrub-like, which makes them great house plants. Besides the aesthetic reasons for purchasing, dracaenas are incredibly adaptable and will not wilt and die if you forget to water it one week.

Pothos plants are great indoor plants that do well when planted in a hanging basket in a patio or kitchen. They will thrive in dimly lit rooms and well lit areas, which makes it an exceptionally easy plant to care for. Pothos plants are also great decorative pieces for a home, because they have a bushy jungle-like look to them.

Areca Palms topped NASA’s study on indoor air purifying plants and was named “the most effective air humidifier” by Areca palms are great houseplants because they quickly add a tropical vibe to any room and they’re incredibly resistant to drought.

Pet owners: Please keep in mind that there are a variety of houseplants that are deadly to your furry friend. For a full list check out APSCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants. Also, if you’re looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment Community, check out our Pet Friendly Apartments and find a new home for you and your pet!

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