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All About Apartments With Lofts

By September 8, 2023General

When looking for a new apartment, the layout of your home is one of the most important factors to consider. Do you need dedicated office space? Do you prefer an open layout? Do you prioritize high ceilings and big windows for natural light? While most people think of apartment floor plans in terms of number of bedrooms, there are other options to consider: loft apartments and apartments with loft space.

Traditional Loft Apartments

Similar to a studio apartment, a traditional loft apartment consists of an open space with few or no interior walls and no separate bedrooms. Some common features of lofts include high ceilings, tall windows and large living spaces. Found in big cities and urban areas, loft apartments originated as converted warehouse space and often have exposed brick, prominent beams and visible pipes. Because traditional lofts are usually found in old buildings, they have a lot of charm and interesting features, but normally lack amenities and can also require higher utility rates.

Apartments With Lofts 

There’s a difference between loft apartments and apartments with lofts. In the latter, the word “loft” refers to an elevated nook that provides additional living space but is not separated by walls or doors like a bedroom. These types of lofts usually exist above the main living area of an apartment, taking advantage of high ceilings and extra space to provide a variety of uses.

Some apartments also feature dens that, while not technically bedrooms, offer another type of “bonus” space for renters. Dens usually have doors, like a bedroom, but don’t offer closets or storage areas. 

Apartment with loft


How to Make Use of Loft or Den Space

Renting an apartment with a loft or a den can be a great way to get additional space without committing to another full bedroom. For example, a renter with a one-bedroom + loft who works from home could greatly benefit by using their loft as a dedicated office space rather than working from their bedroom or living room. Lofts can be used for a variety of functions, including:

  • Office space
  • Exercise area and exercise equipment storage
  • TV and relaxation area
  • Library 
  • Game room

Den in apartment


Apartment Communities With Loft & Den Options

Could you benefit from an apartment with extra usable space? Here are some apartment communities that offer floor plans with loft and/or den options: