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4 Things to Love About Apartments Near the Beach in Orange County

By June 19, 2018July 19th, 2022Orange County
Living Near the Beach

In Orange County summer lingers into October, and winter rarely shows her face, making apartments near the beach an ever so attractive option. With 277 days of sunshine a year in Newport Beach, the beach is where you’ll want to be for more than half of the year. And if you live nearby, you can be!

We think surfers, beach walkers and sunset admirers can all agree on one thing: living by the beach is not such a terrible thing. In fact, apartments by the beach make wonderful homes. You’re close enough to have an evening picnic on the sand, or sneak in a morning surf session before heading to the office. You also luck out in the summer with a gentle beach breeze.

Even if you can’t get to the beach as much as you’d like, the salty air will make your apartment by the beach worth it. There is also a chance that your morning commute could take you right along the water on PCH; a view you can admire even on the cloudiest days.

Four reasons might not sound like a lot, but we’ll leave it to you to come up with dozens more after you move into your new beach apartment.

Promontory Point Apartment Homes In Newport Beach

1| You can feel the beach benefits. Living in an apartment near the beach means you can feel a gentle ocean breeze. The air is also packed with minerals, which are excellent for your skin.

2| You can indulge in a resort lifestyle. With palm trees and tropical poolside furniture, our apartments have casual and relaxed atmospheres, perfect for getting the most out of your home by the beach. And since you’re in an apartment, maintenance is up to the property management.

3| You can take a post-beach dip in the pool, and wash the sand away. Before heading to your apartment after a long day at the beach, you can shower off at the pool and take a quick dip, which means your apartment will be sand-free.

4| You can be inspired to workout. Most of our apartments have fitness facilities, nearby trails or movement studios. So you can be in shape and ready to head to the beach on a randomly hot Saturday in January.

Each of our apartment properties near the beach has unique amenities and benefits. Begin your search by clicking below to find the perfect property for you and your family.

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