Kingsley Resident Satisfaction Survey

IAC Residents Enjoy High Level of Satisfaction – September 2007

Residents of The Irvine Company Apartment Communities (TICAC) do indeed love where they live according to results from the 2007 Resident Survey Satisfaction Survey. Over 9,000 submissions were received—an all-time high for this survey. Results indicate that residents enjoy and find real value in the lifestyle and amenities of their communities. What’s more, according to industry standards set by Kingsley Associates (an independent nationally-recognized research firm that conducted the survey), TICAC residents enjoy a higher level of satisfaction within all areas surveyed compared to those living in other Southern California apartment communities. TICAC satisfaction was measured at a 3.95 with the national index being only 3.72.

The survey takes a comprehensive look at virtually every aspect of the TICAC apartment-living experience. By responding to the survey, residents provided valuable feedback that will help TICAC maintain the high standards its residents have come to expect and enjoy. And as shown by the survey results, residents are pleased with their communities. “The great news is that we are seeing increased satisfaction among residents in the three main areas surveyed: community management, the leasing process and maintenance services,” says Eric Hall who managed the research for TICAC.

As TICAC plans future projects, responses from the annual Resident Satisfaction Survey will continue to shape company initiatives. Says Hall, “What’s great about the survey results is that The Irvine Company Apartment Communities gets a strong idea of what is really important to residents.”