Exterior view of resort pool at Malibu - Villas Playa Vista Apartment Homes in Los Angeles, CA.

Timeless Architecture

Style That Endures

The Beginnings of a Master Plan

Blessed with the near-perfect California climate, Irvine Company’s apartment communities often include indoor-outdoor lounge areas, outdoor fire pits and alcoves that promote socialization and the resort lifestyle residents love. Surrounding these communities, the landscaping is as important as the architecture itself. Lush tree-lined streets, community parks, meandering trails and bright pink splashes of bougainvillea crawling up Spanish-styled architecture lends to picturesque spaces. Every community is graced with a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees, offset by shrubs and flowers. Moreover, along with design and landscaping, wherever feasible, the company works hard to create more walkable, pedestrian communities with on-site dining, markets and retail allowing residents to stroll to their neighborhood coffee shop, rather than driving.

“As we evolve, we are tirelessly working to promote sustainable values.” says John Jenkins, Irvine Company Vice President of Architecture. “The walking culture, especially within today’s suburban communities, has essentially been lost. We want to bring it back to minimize street traffic and also give our residents a convenient village lifestyle that perhaps they haven’t experienced before.”

In fact, the company doesn’t just develop villages and apartment communities, but has pioneered product segmentation by ensuring these residences are within reach of schools, shopping, dining and open spaces, as well as having access to major thoroughfares to minimize commutes. Designed to present a synergistic relationship with the community as a whole, nearby shopping centers brim with activity in outdoor paseos. These beautifully landscaped plazas situated along brick-lined sidewalks, seamlessly complement their neighboring communities and villages.  

With a stunning portfolio of over 140 apartment communities, and new projects continually being conceived, architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers and builders carefully collaborate to mold a distinct character for each community. The result of these efforts are charming communities that casually reference classical aesthetics, infusing timeless design elements underpinning contemporary and innovative construction. Ultimately, when residents come home, they come home to a serene, peaceful  environment whether they’re walking along a olive tree-lined promenade at The Villas at Playa Vista, or meeting new neighbors on the Great Lawn during a summer concert at The Park at Irvine Spectrum Center; it’s these details that create memorable experiences.

“No community  is alike,” Jenkins says. “Each one is distinct. Each one has its own personality. And that’s what I love about my job... finding new ways to create a vibrant sense of place.”


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